HighTissue is an R&D project, co-financed by Regione Toscana, aiming to build a high-efficiency prototype line of tissue converting.

Project key-words

Advanced mechanics, tissue converting, new materials, energy efficiency.

Overall objective

The overall objective of the project is to improve the competitiveness of the tissue converting sector, with particular reference to the Tuscany paper industry. The objective will be achieved through the planning and implementation of innovative energy-efficient solutions to ensure significant reduction of energy consumption and increase of both converting line productivity and processing line safety.

The analysis of the techniques currently used for line construction has allowed the identification of the converting process phases that are most critical in terms of both productive and energetic efficiency and on which the R&D project activity will focus. 

The construction of a high efficiency line of tissue converting will ensure:

  • energy saving;
  • productivity increase and downtime reduction;
  • improvement of the workplace quality and safety;
  • decrease of  noise and electromagnetic pollution.

HIGHTISSUE meets the objectives of the Tuscany R&D programmatic document 2011-2015 on Advanced Mechanics, as regards:

  • the consolidation of the regional engineering field (given the involvement of three key figures of paper industry: Fabio Perini - LSB, Milltech - SME, Lucense - RO);
  • the development of product and process innovation and the corresponding technology transfer;
  • research collaboration among RO, LSB and SME;
  • industrial innovation, by realizing the converting pilot line described above;
  • the creation of partnerships and the development of qualified expertise in the field of advanced mechanics.

By developing the new systems planned, HIGHTISSUE will ensure tangible benefits for the entire paper industry supply chain, providing the market with more efficient, more productive and safer tissue converting processing lines.